Islam, November 1997


Prof. Dr. Halil Necatioglu

With November 1997, we have entered the blessed "Three Months" season: Rajab, Sha'ban, and Ramadhan. The night joining November 6, Thursday to Friday is the Raghaib Night -- a blessed and illuminated night that even the angels aspire to benefit from it. May Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala shower His blessings, grace, and mercy on all of us abundantly. May He treat us with the righteous servants. May He provide us with good health, peace and happiness to live many such blessed nights and seasons.

I am far from Turkey, yet I am amongst friends and my brethren. I have had many pleasant days and witnessed many pleasing developments. By the Will of Allah, we will harvest the fruits of our works abroad in near future.

Islam is "whole" system of life, so a "Muslim" may not fulfill some of the obligations and neglect the rest. The Sharia is also a "whole" divine system of rules and regulations, and it would be a grave sin and a burden to apply a fraction of it and put the rest on hold. As Muslims we have to live Islam totally and apply the Sharia in every moment of our lives. The freedom of belief and freedom of religion in a country -- be it a secular or a Muslim country -- must be "complete." Pressure on religions and the religious is nothing but oppression, injustice, despotism, barbarism, ignorance, savagery, unawareness, and a grave sin.

United States is a country of freedom of belief and religion. Europe had a period of terrifying civil wars--thanks to its fanatic and hateful people. Europeans massacred the Muslims in Spain, destroyed the Andulisia. They tortured and burn alive some of their own people who had developed different views of belief. They forced so many people to immigrate to America. Those bitter experiences caused the development of secularism and freedom of belief and thought in Western societies.

Now, we do not need to live the same bitter experiences to gain these freedoms. Denying all of these civilization efforts and limiting the rights and freedoms would take the society to clashes and civil wars. It would prevent the advancement, cause loss of time, and benefit nobody but the enemies.

During my trips I have been observing the West closely and carefully. They are extremely religious, nationalist, and ideologist. The church is rich, powerful and in the center of the politics. It looks after the interest of the society and affects the administrations. It has banks, international companies, political parties, representatives, ministers in cabinets, heads of states, ambassadors, universities, scientists, scholars, radios, televisions, newspapers, periodicals, foundations, hospitals, missionary organizations, trained personnel and alike, and they work hard to convert Muslims, the Chinese, the Japanese, the Korean, the African, the Native Americans, the Blacks, the Aborigines, the Eskimos, and other people to Christianity.

In cooperation with the Pope, Germany is trying to establish a Christian Union by eliminating the neighboring states and improving its political, religious, civil, social, scientific, educational, business and military power. Germany let the Serbs butcher Bosnians because they did not want a Muslim society in the middle of Europe. Germans do not like Turks and are afraid of Islam; that is why they keep breeding mischief against Turkey, provoking Greece, supporting Armenia, disseminating hatred between the Kurds and Turks, and preventing the development a of our country. They keep devising plots against our history, religion, civilization, politics, society, industry, economy, and defence.

While the enemies work outside against Turkey, it is not proper for anybody from amongst us to trip the Muslims and tie their hands and arms. Such an effort has no place in patriotism, bravery, nationalism, conscience, or civilization. That would be treachery, oppression, enmity, and spying. That would be a grave crime before the history and a grave sin in the hereafter.

Leave us alone, so we can defend ourselves freely, protect our country, history, civilization, values, unity, and national interests, and save the country from falling apart. While the enemies worldwide are trying their best to wipe us from the face of the earth, do not be an obstacle in our way and create more troubles.

Has the stoning event in Thessalonica not showed you the fact that "the infidel does not make a friend and that the pig skin does not make a fur." Oh ye poor ignorant and unaware!