Foundation of Our Life and Assurance of Our Future

Islam, June 1997

Prof. Dr. Halil Necatioglu

A Muslim loves Allah the most, obey Him, and yearns to get His blessings and mercy through his deeds, or that person has not become a good Muslim. He falls to the level of an infidel who has no love for Allah, to that of a sinner who disobeys Allah, or to that of the hypocrite who disregards the pleasure and mercy of Allah. Consequently, his life in this world and in the world to come is ruined--God forbid!

Religion and faith are no joking matter, nor are they to be ignored, belittled, opposed, disputed, or diluted. One has to pull himself together, hold tight onto the piety, be serious, work sincerely, obey the Qur'an and follow the path of Prophet Muhammad. Islam is not a mere declaration by tongue; it requires acknowledgement by heart and actions, deeds and worship.

Loving Allah is not actualized without obeying the Qur'an and following the path of the Prophet. There have been numerous incidents that those who do not obey the Qur'an, who do not follow the path of the Prophet, and who oppose Islam suffer grave consequences and attract the wrath of Allah. For instance, their health deteriorates, and their families dissolve. Their wealth and their children do no good for them. Their hearts darken. They will also suffer torments in hell-fire in the hereafter.

For the reasons stated above, every Muslim must learn Islam well, and take the Qur'an and Prophet Muhammad--may peace be with him--as his guide. This is the way leading to the happiness and salvation in this life and in the hereafter. The cure for spiritual and physical diseases and the solution for individual and social problems are in Islam. I have travelled the east and the west; I have seen Muslim and Christian societies. I have read, listened and thought a lot. I have studied many civilizations and cultures closely. I have come to the conclusion that the most righteous religion is ISLAM; the best guide, QUR'AN; the highest civilization, IRFAN (spiritual knowledge); the most virtuous man, the genuine MUSLIM; and the rest are only deception, sophistry, fallacy, and lies.

All I stated is based on my own observations as I am writing these lines in a country in the WEST that I know it well. Having been a university professor and researcher, a theologian and an expert in the field, I wholeheartedly assure you that those who are trying to convince you that other paths are better are dead wrong. They are either unknowingly misleading you, or they are ferocious infidels, oppressors, or traitors. May Allah annihilate them from the face of the earth.

As Muslims we love our country which is a gift from our forefathers. God willing, we will not let the enemies divide, step in, or destroy it because we are the rightful owners and guards of these blessed lands. We will not hesitate to give our blood and lives to protect it. Observe the funerals of the soldiers that have been martyred by the terrorists and look at the families of these soldiers: With their beards, hijab, and behavior, they seem to be practicing Muslims. They declare that they will not hesitate to send more children to the front to defend the country. Mothers sing lullabies with this very theme.

Those who live in this country now live freely because of the veterans and martyrs that lived before us. We owe them our independence. Our future is in the hands of the youth who declare,

Who would dare to put chains on me,

Like an overpowering flood, I would crash the barriers.

We may not leave our future to the hands of those who are enemies of Islam, who are snobs, hippies, slaves of foreign ideologies, members of secret organizations, missioners, who have disassociated themselves from their people, history, national glory and pride, and who are members of the mafia.

Everybody must know this well: We will not let anybody dare to attack Islam, Muslims, or Qur'an, nor shall we endure anybody in our way.