Islam, August 1996

The Truth Behind the Events

Prof. Dr. Halil Necatioglu

Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala is arham-ur-rahimeen--the most merciful. His prophet, Muhammad--may peace be with him and his family--was, too, very merciful, compassionate, benign, sensitive, loving, polite, gentle, adept, and graceful. He was commended with a great favor by Allah in the Qur'an as having the highest manners and the code of behavior (khuluq-i adheem), very clement (ra-oof), and very compassionate and merciful (raheem).

Allah loves those who are merciful; He showers His mercy on them. Those who are merciless, cruel and oppressive will be deprived of the mercy of Allah in this word and in the hereafter. Hence, practicing Muslims have paid a great deal of attention to becoming merciful as well as to not hurting other beings and not transgressing the limits. They all have tried to make peace, to repair a hardship, to do good deeds and to make people happy.

This nation has been raised with these ideals and traditions, lived with the purpose of earning the pleasure of Allah, and left many works of charities to our generation and the generations to come. Then, how did these merciless, cruel, bloodthirsty, insolent, anarchist and terrorist gangs who invade villages, who murder imams, congregations, women and children, who attack police, who prevent the firemen from putting off the fire, who do not let the doctors treat patients, who disturb the education at schools, who fire missiles to military bases, who lay an ambush for the soldiers, who tear and burn the flag come about?

All of these are nothing but the bitter consequences of a wrong education system, wrong choices in politics of national culture, and the appropriation of foreign ideals and ideologies by the governments.

In fact, this terrible state of terror has been devised and supported by the western governments. They want us destroyed; they want us to kill one another. They want to divide up our country as they did in Bosnia, in Greece, in Crete, in Bulgaria, in Cyprus, in Caucasia, in Azarbaijan, in Middle Asia. All of the murders and crimes against humanity are their work.

How did they manage to create chaos in our country?

They started with studying our people, our religion, our traditions, our culture and our country. They determined how they could initiate the chaos and "start the fire." They set up schools and took the non-Muslim children to brainwashed them there. They made rebels out of them. Thus they divided the Ottoman lands. Many unaware but rich people send their children to those schools. These children grew up with a foreign culture and become foreigners to their own people. They become blind followers of the west and lost their religion, their faith, their valuable spiritual qualities and Islamic identities.

Westernization became the government policy. Hostility towards the religion was appropriated by the government. Instead of their own culture, the double faced, "rotten," fraudulent culture of the west has been imposed on people. As a result, atheist, insolent, rootless, cosmopolite generations have been raised.

The west dominates and manipulates them; they are turned to any direction at will just like robots. Thousands of agents are employed, and tremendous amounts of money is spent in this way.

What we have to deal with is not a handful of terrorists but many governments. Let us be aware and see the truth. Those who are manipulated by the terror centers and those who suffer consequences of the terror must wake up! Precautions must be taken and solutions, searched.

Neither those who pull the trigger nor those who got shot benefit from the anarchy and terror. The organizers accomplish their goals and the naive suffer. In other words, the west continues with its imperialism through many dirty tricks.

As rational patriots, we must observe the events around us very carefully. We must work hard and exert utmost effort to prepare and strengthen ourselves. We should not provide any opportunities to the enemy. We must protect the interests of our people and not let the strangers put hands on our country or natural resources.