Islam, December 1995



Halil Necatioglu


There are groups and gangs of people who are after giant profits and revenues of the world to keep them in their own control. They disregard the laws, civil rights, conscience, and mercy, and do anything to get hold of the profitable businesses and deals and to keep them. They do not mind creating chaos in the society and causing civil disobedience, wars, mass killings. They can have the ignorant and the unaware destroy one another. They can devise plots, sabotages, murders, and bribes. They can have the government cabinets changed.

These merciless gangs have seized the government administrations and control the armies in large countries; they apply pressure on the smaller countries and weak administrations to keep their businesses going. For this reason, in many countries, freedom, democracy, social justice, human rights, and alike are no more than dreams, fairy tales, and lies. They are fantasies that have been declared to pacify masses and distract their attention. In case people realize the plots of these gangs and take necessary steps to eradicate them, they find new ways to suppress and silence the masses. To silence people, they use individuals who have been at leadership positions in the society. They do not mind using bribes or threats to convince these leaders.

Is there a way out?

Equipped with the proper knowledge, the scholars of the society know how to find the solution. Hence, people must listen to them and form solidarity with them. The oppressed and deprived nations must help one another and establish solidarity and cooperation among themselves. The unified strength of people breaks the schemes. For this reason, being a minority, the treacherous gangs cannot oppose the large masses directly. They instill contradictory opinions and enmity in people, divide the society, have one part of the society fight with another, support a group at one time and another at a later time so that their profits keep coming.

The conclusion we must draw is that people must get to know those who come to them and promise impossibilities with soothing sweet words. People must find out their real intentions and not be fooled by them.

People must be able to distinguish who is a friend and who is a foe. One must investigate the past and present social and political life of the candidates, and "avoid the little white stone in the rice;" otherwise, he may end up with "a broken tooth and a hungry stomach."

People must investigate the thiefs and follow up the embezzlement cases. Could a lamb be entrusted to a wolf? Could a thief be hired as a cashier? Could a robber be brought to a position? Could a murderer or anarchist be entrusted for the lives of people? Could a forger be assigned as a judge, prosecutor or referee? Could an ignorant and unaware person be given authority to rule?

People must notice the hypocrites and pay attention to the actions not to the words. One who brings the water and one who breaks the jug must be distinguished. One must support those who have demonstrated good service to the society. One should never be fooled for the second time.

Every disease have a cure because Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala has not created a disease without a cure. Every problem can be solved with the help of Allah. Losing hope is haram; working hard is a duty. Hard work leads to good results. If the servant takes the precautions, Allah provides the results. He answers the prayers, leads the sincerely working people to salvation and happiness in this world and in the hereafter. He is the Most Merciful, the Firmest of Judges. May His Glory be exalted! There is no deity other than Him.

If you be righteous servants of Allah, be patient and steadfast, no schemes or tricks of the unbelievers would harm you. Ask for the help and guidance of Allah with patience and prayers!