Islam, October 1995


Halil Necatioglu


Islam is the only religion accepted and favored by Almighty Allah; as Muslims desiring to earn Allah's favor, love and paradise, we must choose our ideal in this life as living Islam fully. Everything we do must comply with the Islamic norms--not with our whims and wishes. Hence, we must control ourselves and pay utmost attention not to follow our nafs, lust, enemy or the disbelievers. to Accomplish this, we must learn Islam truly and thoroughly.

All the suffering and hardship we experience as a nation, families or individuals originate from deviating from Islam, and from our quest in searching non-Islamic solutions with our feeble and short brains. Such an approach to our problems results in disappointment and failure. Alienation of the great potential of Islam causes loss and waste of great possibilities.

Unfortunately, the government administration and the main powers of the regime do not believe in Islam; nor do they realize the benefits of Islam. They think that Islam is their enemy; they fear and hinder Islam. They think Islam would destroy everything, put the nation in bloodbath, and take the country to darkness. In fact, it is just the opposite! Those who tyrannize, oppress, and terrorize nations, create wars, instill enmity among nations, and devise dirty tricks and politics are anti-Islamic forces and groups. Just look at Bosnia, other Balkan countries, Caucasia, Middle East, Africa and Asia. The war criminals and oppressors are those who consider themselves as the enemies of Islam.

The picture in the country (Turkey) is not much different. Examine the crimes, criminals and events carefully. You will realize that the source of evil is those who are enemies of Islam. Anarchy, terror, bribery, embezzlement, theft, drunkenness, illness, unhealthiness, lack of harmony, fighting, murder, divorce and alike all come from those who do not live Islam.

Good deeds, charity, help, giving, kindness, generosity, self-sacrifice, devotion, forgiveness, peace, tranquility, virtue, love, respect, harmony, patience, thankfulness and service come from good Muslims of all ages and genders. Parents are pleased with their practicing Muslim children and praise them with prayers "May Allah be pleased with you!" There is no comparison between them and the rest: the anarchist, terrorist, alcoholic, rebellious, lazy, irresponsible, sinner, reckless, and snub youth.

We have observed that the most hardworking and successful students at all departments of universities are practicing Muslim girls. From the governors and mayors to the custodians in government offices, the most successful, truthful, efficient, active, and self-sacrificing personnel are practicing Muslims. On the contrary, the most dodging, cunning, deceitful, conniving, inefficient, selfish and evil people tend to be atheists, unbelievers, communists, or non-Muslims. When investigated, their Armenian, Greek, Bulgarian, Christian, Jewish, Russian, and alike roots show up.

Those who help the army during the war time as well as peace time, who are eager to be martyrs, who do not abandon their posts at the front, and those who do not fear enemy or death are the believing soldiers. On the contrary, those who sell military secrets to enemies, who run away from the war front, who commit treachery, who steal weapons and ammunition from the military, who cheat the officers and do injustice to enlisted men, and those who disobey are the unbelievers.

Those who try to be helpful to the country and to move it one step ahead, and those who observe and protect the national interests are believers. Yet, those who are after some money, credit, worldly gains, position, rank, fame, ego and leadership, those who do not care about the current state of the country, those who cooperate with the external organizations with ill intentions about the country, and those who try to divide the country are the enemies of Islam. I could name many irrefutable examples.

Then, we must come to our senses! We must observe the present events, study our past and take lessons. We must hold tight onto Islam, and we must not be fooled by the disbelievers or by the enemies of Islam. We must work for establishing the Islamic belief, culture, knowledge, and moral code in the country and in the world. We must work for the domination of Islam over the universe.

The peace, success and happiness of this world and of the hereafter are found in submitting to Islam; the destruction, disaster, disappointment, devastation, torture and slavery are in opposing to Islam. It is for me to state, and for you to choose.