Prof. Dr. M. Es'ad COSAN

Islam, February 1988

Can Christianity or any other religion compete with Islam? No, it cannot. Among all the other religious of the world is there a single one that can be compared to the purity and perfection of Islam? No, there is none. As you read in newspapers everyday, people from every country and religion are becoming interested in Islam. These people are usually the most intellectual and well qualified people, such as writers, researchers, professors, and philosophers. It has been this way throughout history. Not only are these types of professionals accepting Islam, but also religious people, for instance, priests, nuns, and rabbis.

The reasons non-Muslims are becoming Muslims are that Islam is the only religion with which God is pleased; the Koran is the only holy book which has never been changed; and the life of the prophet Muhammed is as clear as the shining sun. Also, Islamic rules are the most straight forward. Islam is the straightest and truest, the most natural and harmonious, the most scientific and logical, the soundest and he most trustworthy, the most beneficial and useful, the most positive and loving, and the most modern and civilized religion. This is known to all, especially by non-Muslims, members of missionary organizations.

As the holy Koran reveals, the members of these organizations know Islam as well as they know their own children, and that is the reason that they are afraid of direct and open confrontation with the Islamic world. Thus, they abstain from mutual intellectual and scientific debates. They avoid scientific criticism because they fear the truth will be revealed. What do they do when afraid? With their vast financial strength, broad resources and legions of personnel, they work silently and stealthily by promoting zealous activities: religious folklore, unorthodox celebrations, Christmas gifts sharing, Christmas tree decorations, pompous ceremonies, giving of free medical care and medicine, spread of sacred water, dreams of saints, attendance to choirs, orchestras and prayers, watching of films and reading of novels, production of mass propaganda, distributions of money, and payment of salaries and bribes.

A few fools taken in by these have their picture taken by newspapers while wearing choir gowns. The heading reads, "These Muslims have been baptized as Christians." Some biased newspapers write that at a church service attended by both Christians and Muslims, there were so many Muslims that there was no room left for the Christians. What a plight we have fallen into in our own country bequeathed to us by our heroic Muslim ancestors! What is yet to befall us in the future?

Unfortunately, for years there has been and erroneous cultural and educational policy: wrong direction and goal of our internal and external policies, strange conduct on the part of some government officials, pro-Christian propaganda on Turkish television, biased films, plays, books and conferences, irreligious brutes in control of publishing companies, destructive aims and activities of non-Muslims, Armenians and Jewish converts, laws prohibiting and curtailing Muslim activities, thus preventing Muslims from learning and spreading Islam, and encouraging the enemies of Islam to work freely.

The time has come for us to discern a lesson from certain events, to take heed of signs and warnings, to understand how Thursday will develop by analyzing the events of Wednesday more carefully. As a nation and a state, we must fully open our eyes. We must abandon heedlessness, corruption and treachery. Islam is all we need. Once we lose it, we lose everything: we lose our freedom and ourselves. We will have lost both this and the next world. We will be definitely ruined.

We must be aware of the games being played, the intrigues being pursued against us. We must be vigilant of our historical and eternal enemies, and remove their masks. We must cling tightly to our religion and struggle to protect it with all our might.

(Islam, February 1988)