Islam, April 1985

Invitation to Love and Unity

Halil Necatioglu

As Muslims we have been face to face with colossal problems. Greece is plotting against Turkey; Armenians display an unrivalled insolence and impudence. Terrible events are taking place in Bulgaria; the Iran-Iraq war have reached a level of madness. Government and invasion forces in Afghanistan are attacking Mujahideen. Israel is invading Muslim villages in Lebanon and killing villagers in mass. Many other oppressions and suffering are taking place in Far East and Africa. In every part of the world, Muslims are taken as prisoners, persecuted, oppressed, and surrounded by problems.

Why is it like that?

Muslims have very high ideals; their ideology is alive, strong and dynamic. Their number reaches hundreds of millions--even one billion; they have accumulated considerable man-power, know-how and technology; they have universities, factories and armies. They live in the best climates of the world, they own natural resources and wealth, their land have the geopolitical significance. They have the mines, which are the blood-vessels of technology; they have the "blood of civilization" oil. They also have the necessary monetary power to finance, agricultural resources for food, and other resources that attract the envy of others.

Despite the blessings listed above, how could the Muslims be in a state of disorder, poverty, overwhelm and defeat? It is mind-boggling!

There is an absolute cure for all of these troubles: Unity.

Our dignity and might have been taken away from us for our disunity and quarrels among ourselves as a punishment from Allah, and we have been given humility and difficulties. The enemy of Islam has been given permission and opportunity to straighten us.

O Muslim! Turn to the essence of your religion. Make peace with your brethren, eliminate the disagreements, establish the unity and togetherness with other Muslims. Be patient and persevere for the final victory will be yours.

"The enemy cannot enter a nation before it is divided;
When the hearts beat in unison, cannons cannot subdue it."