Islam, June 1985

The Foundation of Our Structure

Halil Necatioglu

Islam is the ideal system for the world. The solutions for the problems of mankind is in Islam; the happiness in this world and in the hereafter can be achieved with Islam.

Our Lord (SWT) knows the past and the future, the illness and the cure, the individual and the society, the spirit and the body, man's shortcomings and virtues well. He is All- Merciful, All-Clement, and All-Loving. For our happiness in this world and in the hereafter, He has graciously sent prophets, revealed scriptures, decreed laws and Shariah, and provided guidance for us.

As Muslims, we have the "prescription," and we can save the mankind which has been confused and troubled if we work hard. Only we have the true charity loving and self-sacrificing spirit; others make propaganda, show and deception. Therefore, we must hold tight to Islam for our spiritual and material benefits as well as the mankind's serenity, comfort, peace, and salvation. There is no other way out: we have to understand Islam correctly, digest it well, make all aspects of our lives comply with it, fulfil all of its requirements, and avoid all of its prohibitions. Otherwise, this irresponsible attitude and uncontrolled behavior will lead to the disaster of mankind.

Thank God, we have every mans and great resources to serve the humanity: manpower, oil, money, exceptional geopolitic situation, raw materials, land, accumulated know-how and experience, scientists, technical personnel and alike. We do not need to go to other countries and beg for for help. Our major shortcoming is our unawareness of our resources, our unconcern with one another, and our lack of love for one another.

As concerned Muslims, we must work towards eliminating the shortcomings. The following will prove useful;

1) Do not fall into the fanaticism of a group, a party, a race, a class, a school or alike. Consider all Muslims your brethren and treat them as such. Establish peace among them and invite them to love, brotherhood, togetherness, unity, servitude. Advise them to abandon backbiting, gossip and division.

2) Strive for learning Islam from the purest and most valid main sources as well as understanding Qur'an and Sunnah the best way possible. Avoid the bid'ah (innovations in worship), superstitions, baseless knowledge, and the danger of considering the falsehood as truth or the truth as falsehood.

3) Find-out about the Islamic activities in your neighborhood without neglecting any of them. Get to know all groups, personages, and ideas. Without cutting the ties with others, work with the group that is the most sensible and sound. Support their activities.

4) Make sure that not every body concentrates on the same field of activity and that the responsibility is delegated in every field of activity. Also make sure that all activities are well planned.

5) Do not get lost in the details; do highlight the main purposes and basic principles. Emphasize the common and agreeable points. "Lump bargain" the projects.

6) Despite your good intentions, if you are accused with misconduct, do not try to get revenge for your ego. Leave this kind of injustices to Allah (SWT), be forgiving. Be tolerant of the creature because of the Creator.

7) If you are left alone or face difficulties in the cause of Allah (SWT), do not give up. Just remember, "hasbunallahu wa ni'mal-wakîl--Allah is my proxy;" He is enough.