Islam, September 1997


Remarkable Developments in England

Prof. Dr. Halil Necatioglu


We are with friends in New Castle, England. We have attended the second family education program in England which was held in Leicester on August 27-30. It was lovely and heartfelt; it refreshed the love among my brethren, and brought new friendships.

The family education programs such as this one has become a tradition in our group. It is both an inexpensive and memorable vacation and an effective educational event. It also provides an opportunity for families to meet and grow closer.

In these programs, the prayers are held in congregation; Tasawwuf, tariqah, good manners and perfect dervishood are studied by practicing. I compare this method with the training method of the Prophet Muhammad -- may peace be with him -- because he, too, would be with his companions while teaching them the essence of Islam and belief, the details of worship, and how to react in the course of the events of the day. He would teach them in the normal flow of the life, actually living and practicing among them, in the easiest way possible.

In these educational programs there are participants from other countries. With them we share information and evaluate the possibilities of cooperation in organizing the Muslim communities throughout Europe.

The place of the latest educational program was The Islamic Foundation in Markfield. It is an establishment founded by Pakistanis who are from the circles of Maududi. They all are well informed, respectful. They met us and show us the facilities. They asked for cooperation and support. They have undertaken and completed many research projects, published many Islamic works -- some of which have been translated into the Turkish. The Islamic Foundation is an exemplary institution, and I consider it necessary to establish such institutions in various countries in order to carry out our responsibility of training, education, enlightenment, and conveying the message of Islam effectively.

In addition to participating in the Educational Program, I visited brothers in New Castle. My nephew had a newborn boy, and our friends had purchased a building to utilize it as a masjid and for the association. I wanted to congratulate them.

The newly purchased property is a nice, three-storey building. May Allah almighty provide opportunities to use in good service. It looks like we are obliged to visit here often and take part in the activities.

In the present, the activities here are held in a rented building. We have had various meetings, discussions, dinners, and ceremonies. Some participants reverted to Islam; some joined the tariqah. We made new friendships, shared happiness, and enjoyed a very pleasant time there.

I believe that going to places and visiting friends is very important and necessary. The Turkish people living here are mostly married to British women and have children. They all need to learn, love and practice Islam, so we must work hard to provide them a comfortable environment for them.

May Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala keep His Guidance with us, provide us with success in good deeds. May our life be full of good deeds and continuously rewarding works.

I also must let you know that I have missed Turkey very much. Insha-Allah, we return to our friends in health and happiness. I hope that our constructions will be completed soon, and we start new projects. Especially, I would like to speed up the radio, television and newspaper activities. I am looking forward to it.

Alhamdulillah, our brothers are doing excellent and fruitful works. I praise Allah for our community is a blessed one, our congregation is sincere and virtuous; our path, an enlightening and bright avenue; our publications, a noble school.

We could never thank Allah almighty sufficiently for all of these blessings. May He protect us from the evil eyes, disasters, and evil intentions. May He keep us away from the immobility, hopelessness, indecision, and disappointment. May He keep us busy with His remembrance, thankfulness, and sincere worship. May He fortify us with His grace, guidance, help, and power. May He make us victorious, respectable, honorable at all times. Amen!