Islam, February 1994

Fear Not! Take Precautions and Prepare!

Halil Necatioglu

A foreign politician, just like many of his likes, has made a statement to downgrade Turkey and claimed that there is no such thing as Turkish culture. Adding to his lunacy, he has said that they would destroy our country (Turkey) with "you know what" weapon and "ring their bells" on Turkic lands. He has listed many more threats against us and our country.

Yes, this is the situation, and we must be very alert and watchful. We must arm ourselves with the speed of lightning. For so many months and years, I have been saying that an infidel doe not become a friend and that we must arm ourselves and get stronger to defend our country and to deter the infidels. Once they catch us weak, unprepared and unaware, they would not hesitate to do all sorts of heinous and vicious acts against us. Their characters and substance allow this. They lack loyalty, goodness, virtue, humanity. cordialness, and civilization. They are barbaric, merciless, bloodthirsty, and cruel. They do not fear God nor they believe in the resurrection and the reckoning. The clergy of their corrupt beliefs have no mercy and conscience and they encourage and incite them to do evil against us.

Their insolence has increased exceedingly. They see themselves technologically advanced, and they have formed strong unions and cooperations among themselves. Our blessed forefathers had indicated this union as "al-kufru millatun wahida--the unbelievers are but one nation". The unbelievers or infidels are all the same; they all are

working together to device plots against Islam. I wonder when our so-called "modern" or "contemporary" yet naive and absent-minded elite class and statespersons who believe in the tales of "civilization, humanity, modern, equality, freedom, liberty and brotherhood" of infidels will see the reality and discern the bitter truth. As of now, they are unable to see the reality yet they join the associations, clubs and organizations of infidels, cooperate with them and become pawns and tools for their secret plots.

The Greeks has seized the Macedonia and Western Thrace where the majority of the inhabitants are our brethren, and now they want Istanbul, Cyprus, and the Aegean Region of Turkey. The Armenians are after Kars, southeast provinces, Adana and Antioch. The Russian have invaded 100% Turkic lands, and now has turned their eyes to Anatolia and Middle East. With the same ideals, Serbs, Greeks, Armenians and Russians are working together. They incite our Kurdish brothers, instil enmity in Arab neighbors against us and inculcate that Iran, where half the population is Turkish, is evil.

The situation is very serious and dangerous. Nevertheless, everybody on the face of the earth must see and know some of the reality. First of all, we are believers and Muslims. We are on the right path and we follow the religion favored by Allah We are right; our intentions, good; our heart, pure. We intend no injustice or harm to anybody. In other words, as far as the intelligence, the reason, the conscience, the hereafter and the heavenly justice are concerned, we are on strong grounds. While we are in such a situation, if we were attacked. we would not fear the enemy or death; nor would we run away from fighting. Till the end, we would fight with eagerness and ardor and enjoy the taste of martyrdom. This has been our virtue throughout the history.

Yet the Lord of Universe has described that Islam will spread and dominate all over the world and that the disbelief will collapse Everybody will embrace the true religion. Rome will be conquered with sacred words of "la ilaha il-lal-lah--there is no deity but Allah." Prophet Jesus (pbuh) will live Islam and follow the Qur'an and the Shariah (jurisprudence) of our prophet Muhammad Mustafa (pbuh). He will destroy the cross and ban the swine. Also, there is the fact that the Islamic world is getting over its underdeveloped state; we have the atomic power, and young and bright brains. Hundreds of Muslims have realized the necessity of unity and togetherness. The enmity, injustice and hatred towards us has forced us to unite. Chains are being broken, and Muslim nations are escaping the traps. The patience and perseverance lead to salvation. It has been said that there is no settling without an agitation; no peace, without a fight. The giants will loose; oppressive empires will dissolve. Generations which are unaware of jihad will grow in it. The aggressors and oppressors will be brought to justice, and the oppressed will be compensated.

There are many intelligent, conscientious, and well-mannered people of good substance in all parts of the world. They are able to criticize their government unjust policies and oppose their tricks and plots. In many countries Islam has been studied, appreciated, embraced, loved and supported. As the number of such people increases excellent effects would come about.

The oppressive giants who posses atomic weapons could never use it against us because we are physically very close to then and it would harm themselves. Therefore, their alternative is to use plots, tricks, blackmail, intimidation, ugly politics and economic embargoes. By the will of Allah, we will endure all of them, pass the hurdles, and reach the salvation.

Yet at once we must be well prepared. We have to learn and teach our women and children how to use weapons and defend ourselves. We must learn how to provide the first aid. We must learn perseverance, patience, resistance and endurance. We must learn the guerilla war. We must stockpile the necessary substance to last long years. In no way must we support or feed the enemy. We must be well organized, connected and disciplined among ourselves. We must strengthen our ties and relations with countries which are friendly to us. We must develop, test and improve defense, endurance, obligatory war and attack plans.

May Allah be our helper and keep His guidance with us. Amen!

"Fear not of the enemy; even if it were amber, it would not burn you,
Be upright and honest; Allah Almighty would not embarrass you."