Islam, January 1994

Our Duty in Keeping Peace and Unity

Halil Necatioglu

All human beings are children of Adam; also Muslims are but a single brotherhood. People who live in Turkey have additional bonds among them; they have the same country, the same culture, purpose and destiny. They are neighbors and blood relatives; they have established kinships and good relationships among themselves. Despite all these qualities and reasons to be friends, why is this hatred, enmity, and this oppressive and imposed division?

Yes, there are those who envy Turkey and who want Turkey not to become developed, wealthy and prosperous. There are those who think "Let it get divided into many pieces, suffer and disappear from the face of earth; let its land, natural beauties and resources be ours." There are sadists with this evil thought who devise plots against Turkey. They are uncivilized, barbaric, brutal and historic rivals of Turkey.

But, why should we be provoked by them? Why should we fight with one another? Why should we forget the friendship, brotherhood and neighborhood and do something to disturb the peace, to demolish and destroy our country? Why should we injure one another? Why should we kill one another and sin, therefore, destroy our life in this world and in the hereafter? Don't we have an intelligence, understanding and an ability to discern good from evil? Do peace and comfort disturb some people? Do they insist on getting "spanked"? Do they want their life turn into hell in this world?

This is ridiculous! Every nation else on the face of the earth is abandoning old enmity and hatred toward one another, forgiving their rivals, establishing unions and pacts, and going towards larger economic cooperations. For instance, U.S.A. with its 49 states is in an attempt to form a market with Canada and Mexico; European countries which had destroyed one another during the second world war are now uniting and becoming one economy. As Muslims we want unity and togetherness, peace and serenity, goodness and happiness. That is what Allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala) wants in the Qur'an. No matter how much they provoke and inflame, Alawi and Sunni or Turk and Kurd should never fight with one another; Syria and Turkey should never get into a war. Our money and resources should not be spent and wasted on arms and ammunitions. Our lives and happiness are too precious to be lost in such fights and wars. Countries in the region should cooperate in economic matters. Nations which share a cultural heritage should turn toward unification and look after their interests. Giant economic projects should be undertaken so that our region is freed from economic hardship, terrorism and barbarism. Mothers should not cry for their children nor should the children become orphans. Don't let the towns and villages become deserted and demolished.

It is up to you and us, the intelligent, foresighted and well meaning people to have this dream come true. Everybody must evaluate where he stands, what he feels, and what path he follows. Is he a militant? Has he been provoked? Does he carry a gun to kill? Is his heart full of hatred? Are his intentions evil? Is he plotting murder, sabotage, mischief, disorder, or oppression? What would be the outcome of his plan? Who is directing him towards these dangerous and sinful actions? Would Allah (swt) be pleased with his deeds? Is there a place for his actions in the Book of Allah or in his conscience? Can he justify his actions by the Book? He'd better investigate, examine and consult his deeds and change his path if has taken him to the wrong.

But if, despite all the good intentions and treatment, a person has fallen away from comprehension and logic, religion and belief, mercy and conscience, law and justice, he should be brought to the right path by all means.

Our region is in a critical situation at our time; Heedless and negligent attitudes would bring disastrous consequences, Allah forbid, we may loose our unity and peace. Regretful feelings afterward have no use at all!