Islam, October 1993

Please, Realize Your Responsibilities!

Halil Necatioglu

This beautiful country is ours; it is entrusted to us by our forefathers. The great resources, the cultural and historical treasures are our own. In this aspect, each and every one of us the richest, the luckiest and the most honorable person in the world. The rest of the world envy us; our competitors and rivals are furious.

All of us have a share of this invaluable great fortune. We all praise Allah for that. Then, we must be on guard and take necessary precautions to protect these priceless treasures and our fertile land against the enemies, thiefs, traitors, and rivals.

This is our first duty; unfortunately, we do not fulfill this responsibility seriously and effectively. Here is the situation: Everyday the newspapers are filled with stories of anarchy and terror, piracy, robbery, murder, attacks on military-police stations, misuse of authority and resources, injustice, bribery, accusation of cabinet members and political party leaders with embezzlement and stealing. Government officials who have been accused of misconduct and fraud are still keeping their positions. Governors are claiming that terrorists who confessed their crimes have been set free and protected from persecution. Justices are pressured from above to issue biased jurisdiction. Terrorism and anarchy are supported by certain branches of government. Convicted terrorists are helped in escaping the prisons and given positions in government offices. Government jobs are filled with people who follow a particular school of thought. Certain sections of people are armed by the government. National values are disregarded. Yet we all mind our daily business, enjoy our vacation, observe our comfort and pleasure, and give no heed to all of these events.

Have we ever thought of whom we have entrusted the government treasure which is formed by our taxes and other national resources? Who is spending the trillions? Where and how is this money spent? Who is operating our mines? How and where are they sold? Are our archaeological artifacts, antiques and museums protected? Are our customs operating properly? Can they catch the smugglers? Are our forests, forest products, beautiful national parks, unmatched sea shores, and underwater treasures protected? Are the civil employees and workers in government positions working honestly and efficiently? Are our national and international interest protected? Are the rights of our people protected internationally? Thousands of questions as these ones should be asked and followed up. They must be followed up, inspected, corrected, and repaired as necessary for the benefit of our national interests. Those who misbehave and misuse the trust must be interrogated, tried and punished as necessary.

In order to do all of the above, we have established the government, founded institutions, appointed personnel, employed innumerable people. Government officials from the top to the bottom are our servants, yet our institutions are in a state of disorder, and our responsible personnel neglect their duties. The remedy of the problem is, too, in our hands because we are the rightful owners of this country; we are the boss in this business, and we have the authority. We would take away the one who is not capable of his position and bring someone who knows and can do the job. We would find the guilty party and give proper punishment. To do all of these, we must realize our responsibilities, rights and authorities.

We have to keep in mind that only those who have belief and fear of hereafter, who are conscious of Allah, truthful, just, merciful, well-mannered, idealist, giving, loyal, educated, knowledgeable, experienced, modern and contemporary, can protect our country and national interests. You can see that with cheap talk, lies, and so-called revolutionism, no job is completed; no goodness comes from those who have no faith, no god-consciousness and no good manners. Because of their lack of spirituality, they become insolent, irresponsible, merciless, selfish, and crooked. They indulge in stealing, bribery, smuggling, and all kinds of crimes. They associate with organized crime. As they get stronger in their organizations, they increase their crimes.

Entrusting the government to these crooks is similar to entrusting a lamb to a wolf. It would be a tremendous mistake to leave the country to the hands of these traitors and oppressors that they do all kinds of injustice as they please and think that they can get away with it. It would have grave consequences in this world and colossal responsibilities in the hereafter. The "boat of government" would get a big wound, and we all would sink.

O those who are knowledgeable, skillful, truthful, intelligent, well informed and sincere patriots! Before it is too late, join powers and work together. Fulfil your responsibilities for the time is right now. Establish consultation councils and discuss your activities and determine plans to carry them out in consultation for this surely is the best way.