Islam, January 1985

Unused Resources

Halil Necatioglu

As a believer, please have a look at the condition of hundreds of millions of Muslims worldwide. How would they be as required by their dynamic faith? Would there be anything that they could not succeed if they had acted according to their belief and religion? We would have very high expectations of them.

In reality, they are looked down, abhorred, oppressed, wronged and victimized in Asia, Africa, Europe, America and the rest of the world. Most of the time their countries have been invaded; their freedom, taken away. Their oppressive rulers do not even let them move a finger. While heir natural resources and wealth have been exploited by the imperialists, they live in hunger and slavery. How many Islamic countries are there that does not have any problems?

Having established glorious empires, how did we fall in this situation? Do not be fooled by those who bring false explanations. We should know well that it is a punishment from Allah (SWT) due to our distance to the true Islamic ethics, negligence of our faith, indulgence in worldly pleasures and comfort, division upon conflict of material interests, enmity towards one another, ignorance and unawareness. This punishment will not be removed from us unless we repent sincerely and turn to Allah (SWT) and hold tight to Islamic ethics and laws. Success is not possible with with an approach contradicting the sacred laws.

Enemies know us better than we do. They know the sources of our power and ethics. For that reason they attack our religion, try to shake our faith and to have us collapsed spiritually. They find accomplices among us and have them attack us. They accuse Islam with being against the development and advancement, and Muslims with conservativeness and backwardness. They instill enmity among people. They produce false ideologies and philosophies and praise and encourage perversion openly.

This is a secret war; a terrible cultural imperialism has been in progress, yet many people are unaware. The partial success of the enemy is due our naiveness, unawareness and ignorance. Some Muslims are still in a state of unawareness; they have not realized what they have lost and what they have gained.

Alas! we got burnt in this game again,
Our loss is obvious, what is our gain?

We should not despair or loose hope as we are in a great test. If we work hard, persevere and trust Allah (SWT), we will be victorious.

Muslims are unaware of the physical and spiritual resources that they posses. Their morale and hopes are low; they feel inferior to others. They do not know their friends and exaggerate their enemies. If everybody "pours a cup of water, the enemy will be drawn." If they get together and talk, that will become a thunder. If they get up, they will scare the enemy to death.

We must realize this fact and teach it to those who do not see it. We must mobilize the resources, keep the lines straight and tight.

"And be not infirm, and be not grieving, and you shall have the upper hand if you are believers." (Qur'an 3:139)

"Do you think that you will enter the garden while Allah has not yet known those who strive hard from among you, and (He has not) known the patient." (Qur'an 3:142)