Islam, January 1997


Prof. Dr. M. Es'ad Coşan

Our beloved brothers in Australia has established the Ebrâr Foundation; they have excellent social and charitable work in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and other cities. May Allah be pleased with them and with you as well.

I am writing from Toowoomba-- a beautiful, orderly and clean city in Australia. We have the 10th "Family Education Program" with the participation of 72 families totaling 286 individuals. The participants as well as myself are happy and pleased with the program. There are respectable personages who are attending such an educational program for the first time. I believe it will be a constructive and fruitful program.

Australia is one of the important countries for us, Muslims. In Australia and its neighborhood, we can undertake very fruitful projects and programs that would lead to the improvement of the state of Muslims.

From the point of population, the Southeast Asia is the center of gravity of Muslims. In this part of the world, there are countries, such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Bangladesh, which have large populations. On their North, there is China which is an important and large country. Chine makes deals with the United States through the Pacific Ocean. On the South is Australia and New Zealand. Everybody is working for their national interests with plans.

It appears to me that our brothers who are the citizens of Australia have a lot of work to do. First of all, they have to equip themselves with the working knowledge of language, religion, beliefs, occupations, ideals, and manners. They have to educate themselves well and investigate what can be done in the region. Then, they should raise their children accordingly so that the new generation could assume the responsibility of the work.

It is not right to waste even one second of our time for there are lots of work to do. We have to be smart, foreseeing, careful and zealous to do the job.

Our brothers should study the countries around, learn their language, get to know their culture, history, geography, economy, mentality, and ethics. We need to know about their language, beliefs, purpose in life, how they are raised, and what they want to do. We should find out if there are any possible contact persons for friendship, business and cooperation.

Once all these work is completed, it could lead us to great experiences, material and spiritual benefits, advancements in many fields. It could even lead to obtaining the pleasure of Allah and happiness in this world and in the hereafter.

This humble servant considers the Southeast Asia and Australia region very important for charitable and social services towards the future. Therefore, I feel obliged to remind the brothers living in this region as well as the zealous brothers in Turkey to start and support such services: Here are the new and bright horizons; o people of high aspirations, come and join the service.