Islam, December 1986


Halil Necatioglu


Let us ponder on what Islam asks from us: cleanliness of all kinds, order, hard work, consciousness of duties, responsibility, love of service, knowledge, insight, precautions, self-sacrifice, love, respect, brotherhood, solidarity, cooperation, conveying its message, enlightenment of masses, jihad, honor, freedom, and alike. These can be found in volumes of books.

Unfortunately, the majority of Muslims do not fulfill these requirements, and the Islamic countries are in a terrible state. Especially after the decline and collapse of the Ottomans, the following view became apparent: Muslims are behind in science and technology, disorder, laziness, unawareness, relaxation, ignorance, irresponsibility, heedlessness, egoism, division, enmity, self-centerism, disobedience, lack of piety and sincerity, love of the material world, love of leadership, servitude to nafs, surrendering to the enemy, humility, oppression, imprisonment, and many more spiritual disasters.

Wouldn't Allah (SWT) punish these disobedient and sinful Muslims? Of course, we have deserved the punishment. It would not be a surprise if it rained rocks from the sky. We ask our Lord (SWT) to correct us with His Grace, forgive us our sins, and shower us with His Mercy.

I believe that the Islamic world is suffering because of departing from Islam and disobeying Allah's commands. The centuries-old negligence, unawareness, sins and faults have resulted these bitter consequences. We still are facing great dangers and standing near the abyss of the material and spiritual catastrophe.

This calamity comes from Allah (SWT); so will the solution. We must at once turn to Islam, repent truly, follow the truth, live to earn the pleasure of Allah (SWT).

There are wars around our country; only few countries survived as the fortress of Islam. Dark clouds are over us; we are face to face with dangers. Balances could be disturbed, an a war may break-out. The war and death are important events but there is a worse danger. We should not fear death because it will come for sure, yet we must be on the straight path and have perfect faith and die as a beloved servant of Allah (SWT).

The real danger is to live in unawareness and to die on the wrong path, in the wrong front, having earned the wrath of Allah (SWT). We must pull ourselves together, take precautions, and avoid such a disastrous end.

Let us get rid of the unawareness and the love of this world, which is the source of all evils and sins, out of our hearts. The temporary and baseless occupations of this world have kept so many people busy; its comfort and pleasures seduced many people. The beauties of this material world fooled many people, but they all remained here. Nobody could own the worldly thing forever. The widow of one-thousand husbands, this foul-mouthed, spiteful, treacherous old hag will not be your bride. Seek the eternal life and happiness in the hereafter so that you find felicity.

Up to now you have worked for this world; now start working for the hereafter and prepare. Try to earn the paradise, attain the pleasure of Allah (SWT), and see His Beauty.

Before it is too late, allocate all your earnings, wealth, property, knowledge, experience and energy in service to Islam; turn towards helping the oppressed and wronged humanity.

Act not individually but all together, hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, with love and respect, with unity and solidarity; under the circumstances, that seem to be the only way out.