Islam, November 1983

Halil Necatioglu


One of the ninety-nine names of Allah (SWT) is Al-Hâdi, The One Who shows the right way; He delivers to the right path those who deserve. Out of His Mercy, He has sent messengers and revealed scriptures to people in every place and age to inform them about the good, the truth, the useful and the beautiful.

He has supported His messengers with miracles. These miracles vary depending on the place and time as well as the knowledge and comprehension level of the people, so that people could see the truth, grasp the message easily, have a strong faith and claim no excuses or objections on the Day of Judgement.

For instance, during the time of Prophet Moses (pbuh), magic was very popular and magicians, very advanced. Allah (SWT) supported Prophet Moses (pbuh) miracles that invalidated the tricks of the magicians, and the magicians were the very first people to believe and follow him.

During the time of Jesus (pbuh) medicine was very popular. Almighty Allah supported him with the miracle of healing the diseases of leprosy and "baras" that the physicians had no cure then. His miracles included bringing the dead to life.

During the time of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) purity of speech and eloquence were popular among the Arabs; Allah (SWT) made him the most eloquent of all, and bestowed him the ability to talk succinctly and wisely. He revealed him the Qur'an which is admired by everybody in every age of time; no poets or writers could produce its like. Every book and every doctrine get old and loose validity in time, yet Qur'an is alive forever.

With the same sacred law, Almighty Allah still graciously shows the right way today. He illuminates the way from an angle which is the most meaningful and valid for men. Let me elaborate on this.

We live in an age of atom, electronics and space; physical sciences and technology are advancing with a dazzling speed. Following a centuries long superiority in science and technology, we fall behind the west. With an inferiority complex, we lost our ties with our culture and belief. We consider our religion way behind our time and make suggestions to reform and "improve" to fit in present time. Yet, we admire the west and follow it blindly.

This confusion had started with Tanzimat and has continued until today. While our society and contemporary men in general had this opinion about Islam, some western intellectuals and researchers started to become Muslims suddenly. Every day we receive fresh news about similar conversions to Islam. I wonder if the sun has started to rise from the west.

Famous American mathematician Prof. Matrix Abdullah, French professor of medicine Dr. Maurice Bucaile, "the philosopher of modern ages" Roger Garaudy and many more well known personages are to name but a few of those who has "broken the chains." If there were no pressure from the oppressive regimes and other adversaries, many more intellectuals would follow them.

Those, who cannot see the truth because of the glamor of the material superiority of the west!

Those, who do not appreciate the value of his faith!

Those, who cut the ties with their beliefs after reading little and becoming semi-intellectuals!

Those who look for remedies outside of Islam and Qur'an for the problems of mankind and expect miracles from man-made ideologies and doctrines!

Almighty Allah is showing you the right path in a way you would understand so that you would see the truth and come to Islam.

(Islam, November 1983)